S.A.K.E. (MGMT 4993) is a class through which students run a small business called ForeverRed. We are accepting applications to fill positions on our Accounting, Customer Service, Marketing, Operations, Commercialization, and Sales teams for Fall 2020: 


Accounting: Create budgets, customer deposits, and monthly closing statements

Customer Service: Manage customer relations and order fulfillment

Marketing: Organize events, create advertisements, and manage social media

Operations: Manage recruiting, website updates, and manufacturer relationships

Commercialization: Bring new products from the S.A.K.E. Innovation Lab to market

Sales: Open new channels of business to improve company revenue


Applicants accepted into MGMT 4993 are expected to commit to the class for two semesters.

Applications for S.A.K.E. and the Innovation Lab are due on March 11th, 2020. Students of all University of Arkansas majors who will be second-semester
sophomores or juniors in Fall 2020 are encouraged to apply!

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