Razorbox: Hog Welcome Box

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  • Hog Welcome Box


    Don’t let your student be the only one to start the school year without a Razorbox! This care package is hand delivered to your student’s dorm the first week of school and is an awesome way to start the year off right. It contains a perfect blend of school supplies your student will need to start the semester off right as well as tasty snacks to look forward to after a long day of studying.


    Each Razorbox Contains:


    • Between 8 and 9 snacks chosen for your Razorback
    • A school survival guide from the Forever-red team including necessary information for the first week of class, helpful tips navigating campus, and fun ideas for feeling at home in Fayetteville!
    • A personalized message from you delivered directly to your student within every box. You can’t leave notes in their lunchbox, but you can leave a personalized message within each Razorbox which students say is the most impactful and heartfelt part of our product!


    When your students Razorbox is ready it will be hand-delivered to the front desk of your student’s dorm and the Resident assistant of each Hall will notify each student when it Is ready!

  • Don't forget a PERSONALIZED NOTE when checking out to send a little piece of home to your Razorback!

  • Each RazorBox: Hog Welcome Box contains:

Snacks Gold Fish Frito-Lay Classic Mix
  Cup Noodles

Snickers Bar

  Red Bull Fruit Snacks
Skittles Coffee Shot
Mac N Cheese Extra Gum
  Pop-Tarts  Cookies
   Popcorn  Granola Bar
Supplies       Datalink 1200 Scantron   Forever-Red Pens
   5421 Scantron 882E Scantron                            
  Mechanical Pencils    

When your student's RazorBox is ready, it will be delivered to the front office of their residence hall. Their dorm RA will notify them via email when their RazorBox has been delivered.